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News & Updates:

- The new 2014 versions of the Poet's and Writer's Market books have just been released. Get your hands on this year's guides! (See below or the resource section for purchase details.)


- A new word list has been added for the December Word Wizard Challange. The deadline to enter is December 31, 2013. Are you up for the challenge?


- Magnet poetry tiles were updated 12/08/13. Try out this new list of words!


- Laura Lamarca added three new invented poetry forms to Shadow Poetry: LaCharta, La'ritmo, Lauranelle! Spend an afternoon getting to know these new poetry types!


- Michael King brings to Shadow Poetry an invented form much like the Villanelle. If you enjoy writing in this form, you may enjoy his invented form Grá Reformata.


- Want a challenge? Try writing in one of the new forms of the Lento: Lento Chain or Cross Lento.


Shadow Poetry

Hidden within the shadows of night,
Poets by the dozens begin to write.
Pens, the paintbrush of imagination;
Blank paper, a canvas of creation.
Verses in rhythm, a rhyming scheme–
A poet's life, a written dream.
Seeking the light, souls revealed,
Sharing of poetry, once concealed.

Copyright © 2000 James & Marie Summers

Poetry Forms:

A comprehensive list of both classic poetry forms as well as invented ones by amateur writers including definitions and examples.

New forms may be submited for review and display.


Poetry Handbook:

Learn various mechanics of poetry and figures of speech in an extensive dictionary of writing and other poetic terms from A - Z. From alliteration to zeugma, this handbook can be any writer's or student's best friend.


Bestbook Poetry Guide:

An entire book dedicated to becoming a successful writer, teacher, and lover of poetry. From writing to publishing, copyrighting, and creating your own chapbook, this complete guide will assist you in your journey to publication!


Shadow Poetry Suggests These Fine Titles For Poetry Writing, Publication, and Contests:


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